And another one gone,and another one gone...

Highlander reboot loses its unwanted star but gets a polish


Following the departure of the ill-fated Highlander reboot's second director (see below) it stood to reason that his choice of star would be following suit (as soon as contracts allowed). Thus came the news that Ryan Reynolds had left the project, enabling the Highlander fanbase to breath a sigh of relief. 


So is this the end of the remake? Far from it. If history has taught us anything it's that the franchise has an uncanny ability to come back from the dead. Which begs the question: who next for the role of Connor MacLeod? If you ask us? We're torn here, with our editor in chief opting for Game of Thrones' Richard Madden, while others are still undecided. 


In other remake news, Highlander royalty David Abramowitz is the latest in a long line of writers to give the script a polish, proving that the film is far from dead and buried. 


Another one bites the dust!

Highlander Reboot loses yet another director


There’ve been quite a few twists in the road since we last reported on the Highlander reboot. The first of which was that Hollywood hunk Ryan Reynolds had been cast in the lead role (a fact which immediately created uproar in online communities). Despite this controvercial casting, there was still hope as the recently hired director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo was still onboard... and then he wasn’t.


In a very familiar turn of events, just as 2012 was drawing to a close, Fresnadillo walked from the production citing ‘creative differences’, leaving the project in limbo once again. Interestingly, yet another writer (Noah Oppenheim) has been brought on board to tweak a script already penned by three high-profile names. All of which means that it’s anybody’s guess where the project will go next, or if it will ever even see the light of day. Whatever happens, we’ll keep you posted on the latest.




No Lambert cameo

in the remake

"I don't think a remake would work"


Christophe Lambert recently admitted that he hadn’t been asked to make a cameo appearance in the upcoming Highlander reboot.  “It’s too close to me,” He told Today. “And I’ve done my Highlander bit. I’ve had a great time with it. If they were asking me to do like five minutes in it just as a wink to the audience, I would do it. But they didn’t. I think it would be right that they don’t ask. They have to stay away from the original.”Lambert also chimed in on the controvercy surrounding the remake.“I don’t think a remake would work. I think a good one would be Man on Fire, which was directed by Elie Chouraqui – a French director – and then re-made (in 2004) by Tony Scott. It wasn’t a ‘remake’ of the movie. It was a new Man on Fire. And that’s exactly what I would do with Highlander.”